Middleburgh's Shops and Utilities

The Middleburgh Town Council, sponsor of this website, is very pleased to welcome you to Middleburgh, New York.

We hope that you will consider making Middleburgh your home. We hope you embrace our community, become involved in civic organizations, and in time, we hope that you too will come to know the treasures of living in Schoharie County.

To get you started we have included a list of essential services located within the Town and Village of Middleburgh. In some cases merchants who are not located here are listed, if there are no local alternatives. This list may not be all inclusive, rather it serves as a good starting point. We encourage you to take the time to explore all of our local services, meet our merchants and business people, and experience the personalized quality of service one expects in a small town.

Convenience Stores

Apple Food & Grocery Store 340 Main Street. 518-827-5656

Dollar General 4503 State Route 30. 518-827-4484

Stewart's Ice Cream Shops 278 Main Street. 518-827-7171

Home Heating Fuels

Beretz Lumber Company Cliff Street. 518-827-6464 Firewood

Laraway's Inc. 169 Main Street. 518-827-5873 Oil, Kerosene, Diesel, Gas

Middleburgh Oil 125 Mt. Path. 518-827-7711 Oil


National Bank of Coxsackie 4507 Rte. 30. 518-827-3333

NBT Bank 299 Main Street 518-827-4111

ATM's are available & located at: Apple Food Store and Stewarts

Restaurants, Diners & Fast Food

Amy's Place 2720 State Route 145. Seasonal

Apple Food/Subway 340 Main Street. 518-827-5656

Kelley's Grill 311 Main Street. 518-827-5432

Hubie's Restaurant & Pizzeria 325 Main Street. 518-827-5955

M&J's Cafe 110 Railroad Ave. 518-827-8722

Middleburgers BBQ corner of Route 30 & Frisbieville Road. 518-827-4222

Middleburgh Diner 122 Main Street. 518-827-5182

Middle Village Pasta & Grill 334 Main Street. 518-827-6717

Mrs. K's Kitchen 318 Main Street. 518-827-6711

Peking Chinese Restaurant 313 Main Street. 518-827-7878

The Green Iguana 104 Wells Avenue. 518-702-4264

The Ole Corner Store 308 Main Street. 518-827-3354

Under the Nose 207 Mill Valley Rd 518-669-2752

Public Transportation

Schoharie County Public Transportation Commuter & Demand Response Service. 518-234-0952

Medical Providers

Bassett Healthcare Network 109 Baker Avenue. 518-827-7730

Bassett School Based Healthcare Middleburgh Central Schools. 518-827-3793

Melbee Family Medical 270 Main Street. 518-827-7090


Middleburgh Telephone Company 103 Cliff Street. 518-827-7777 Telephone, Cable, Internet

National Grid 1-800-892-2345 Electric

Village of Middleburgh 139 Main Street. 518-827-5143 Water & Sewer

Fire / Police / Ambulance

Dial 911

Fire Department 127 Railroad Ave.518-827-5277

Ambulance 142 Cotton Hill Rd.518-827-8098